Welcome to the home of the Wild Rose Cloggers!

We’re a fun group of ladies ranging in age from 18 – 70-something! (Men are welcome, we just don’t have any dancing with us right now!) We offer clogging lessons in Bloomington, MN and would love to do a clogging show for you and your friends!

We began in 1995 in Farmington, MN and have done shows and competitions all over the country. We choreograph our own dances and learn routines from other teachers, both in person and via the internet. We use all types of music and try to incorporate other dance styles into what we do as well.

Please find us on social media to stay up to date with our shows and classes or email us for more information!

I love clogging because it keeps my brain young having to remember all the steps.


It’s fun, great exercise, and keeps my heart fit. Cloggers are my friends!